Goddard, Paulette(--)

Biographical Overview

Birth Date: 0-0-0
Death Date: 0-0-0

Event Naming Person

Event Date Location Film(s) Shown
Double Feature Jan 7 1941 York Theatre Hamilton Wentworth Back Street
Canada Carries On - Battle of Brains
Cat and the Canary, The
Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
Ghost Breakers, The
Great Dictator, The
I'm Nobody's Sweetheart
Man from Montreal, The
Manhattan Heartbeat
Mystery Ship
Northwest Mounted Police
Pot O' Gold
Romance of the Rio Grande
Sandy is a Lady
Second Chorus
Single Feature Mar 5 1941 Royal Theatre Guelph Wellington Great Dictator, The
Northwest Mounted Police
Pot O' Gold
Second Chorus
Young In Heart, The
Variety Feb 21 1941 Gregory Theatre Acton Halton Green Archer, No. 8
Northwest Mounted Police
Patient Porky