Douglas, Melvyn(--)

Biographical Overview

Birth Date: 0-0-0
Death Date: 0-0-0

Event Naming Person

Event Date Location Film(s) Shown
Double Feature Mar 2 1940 Tivoli Theatre Hamilton Wentworth Amazing Mr. Williams, The
Miracle on Main Street
Our Wife
All-American Coed
Woman's Face, A
Caught in the Draft
That Uncertain Feeling
Forgotten Girls
There's That Woman Again
Broadway Bill
Third Finger, Left Hand
Great Profile, The
Variety Jan 27 1941 Gregory Theatre Acton Halton He Stayed for Breakfast
Crime Doesn't Pay Featurette - Eyes of the Navy
Single Feature Apr 3 1941 Westdale Theatre Hamilton Wentworth He Stayed for Breakfast
Third Finger, Left Hand
This Thing Called Love