Colbert, Claudette(--)

Biographical Overview

Birth Date: 0-0-0
Death Date: 0-0-0

Event Naming Person

Event Date Location Film(s) Shown
Variety Jan 7 1941 Palace Theatre Hamilton Wentworth Arise, My Love
King For A Day
Palace Mirror of World Events
Boom Town
Donald's Dog Laundry
Green Archer, No. 6
Single Feature Jan 29 1941 Royal Theatre Guelph Wellington Arise, My Love
Boom Town
Double Feature Dec 6 1941 Windsor Theatre Hamilton Wentworth Arise, My Love
Wild Man of Borneo, The
Drums Along the Mohawk
Stop, Look and Love
Boom Town
Lambeth Walk, The

Film Affiliation

Film Title Film Type # of events
Arise, My Love Feature 6
Boom Town Feature 7
Drums Along the Mohawk Feature 1