Savoy Theatre

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Site Name: Savoy Theatre
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
County: Wentworth
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


24 Merrick Street, Hamilton

Films at Savoy Theatre

Film Affiliated people Film Type # of events
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bergman, Ingrid, Tracy, Spencer, Turner, Lana Feature 1
Misbehaving Husbands Langdon, Harry, Byrd, Ralph, Blythe, Betty Feature 1
Unfinished Business La Cava, Gregory, Dale, Esther, Montgomery, Robert, Clyde, June, Pallette, Eugene, Dunne, Irene, Catlett, Walter, Foster, Preston Feature 1
South of Tahiti Armida, , Montez, Maria, Donlevy, Brian, Warner, H.B., Crawford, Broderick, Biberman, Abner, Wilcoxon, Henry, Devine, Andy Feature 1
Masked Rider, The O'Day, Nell, Knight, Fuzzy, Brown, Johnny Mack Feature 1
Honky Tonk Dekker, Albert, Morgan, Frank, Main, Marjorie, Turner, Lana, Trevor, Claire, Gable, Clark Feature 1

Events at Savoy Theatre

Event Date Venue Location Film
Double Feature Dec 1 1941-Dec 4 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Misbehaving Husbands
Double Feature Dec 7 1941-Dec 10 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Honky Tonk, Masked Rider, The
Double Feature Dec 5 1941-Dec 6 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth South of Tahiti, Unfinished Business

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