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Site Name: Royal Theatre
Location: Guelph, Ontario
County: Wellington
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


Unknown location

Films at Royal Theatre

Film Affiliated people Film Type # of events
Let George Do It Formby, George Feature 3
They Knew What They Wanted Lombard, Carole, Laughton, Charles, Gargan, William Feature 3
Escape Dorn, Philip, Nazimova, , Shearer, Norma, Leroy, Mervyn, Bassermann, Albert, Veidt, Conrad, Grannville, Bonita, Bressart, Felix, Taylor, Robert Feature 5
Long Voyage Home, The Hunter, Ian, Mitchell, Thomas, Wayne, John Feature 2
Thief of Bagdad, The Morris, Mary, Korda, Alexander, Duprez, June, Justin, John, Veidt, Conrad, Ingram, Rex, Sabu, Feature 5
Pluto's Dream House Animated 1
Arise, My Love Milland, Ray, Abel, Walter, Purcell, Dick, Leisen, Mitchell, Colbert, Claudette Feature 6
Go West Carroll, John, Marx, Chico, Lewis, Diana, Marx, Groucho, Marx, Harpo Feature 3
Seven Sinners Gilbert, Billy, Crawford, Broderick, Dekker, Albert, Wayne, John, Hinds, Samuel S., Auer, Mischa, Dietrich, Marlene Feature 1
Love Thy Neighbour Allen, Fred, Martin, Mary, Anderson, Eddie 'Rochester', Benny, Jack Feature 5
Letter, The Davis, Bette, Inescort, Frieda, Marshall, Herbert Feature 1
Night Train to Munich Harrison, Rex, Wayne, Naunton, Lockwood, Margaret, Radford, Basil, Henreid, Paul Feature 3
You'll Find Out Lugosi, Bela, Kyser, Kay, Karloff, Boris, Lorre, Peter Feature 2
Howards of Virginia, The Hardwicke, Cedric, Carlson, Richard, Scott, Martha, Marshall, Alan, Grant, Cary Feature 1
Four Mothers Albert, Eddie, Page, Gale, Lane, Lola, Lynn, Jeffrey, Lane, Rosemary, Rains, Claude, Lane, Priscilla Feature 1
Hudson's Bay Cregar, Laird, Bruce, Nigel, Muni, Paul, Tierney, Gene Feature 3
Second Chorus Goddard, Paulette, Meredith, Burgess, Butterworth, Charles, Astaire, Fred, Shaw, Artie Feature 2
Unholy Partners Arnold, Edward, Hunt, Marsha, Robinson, Edward G., Day, Laraine, Orr, William Feature 1
Texas Trevor, Claire, Holden, William Feature 1
Three Girls About Town Blair, Janet, Barnes, Binnie, Benchley, Robert, Blondell, Joan Feature 1
One Foot in Heaven Mitchell, Grant, Fraser, Elisabeth, Scott, Martha, Crews, Laura Hope, Lockhart, Gene, March, Frederic, Davenport, Harry, Bondi, Beulah Feature 1
I Wake Up Screaming Landis, Carole, Mature, Victor, Grable, Betty Feature 1
Rise and Shine Darnell, Linda, Murphy, George, Brennan, Walter, Oakie, Jack Feature 1
Suspicion Fontaine, Joan, Grant, Cary Feature 1
Sergeant York Cooper, Gary Feature 1

Events at Royal Theatre

Event Date Venue Location Film
Single Feature Jan 27 1941-Jan 29 1941 Guelph, Wellington Arise, My Love
Single Feature Jan 16 1941-Jan 18 1941 Guelph, Wellington Escape
Single Feature Feb 24 1941-Feb 26 1941 Guelph, Wellington Four Mothers
Single Feature Jan 30 1941-Feb 1 1941 Guelph, Wellington Go West
Single Feature Feb 20 1941-Feb 22 1941 Guelph, Wellington Howards of Virginia, The
Single Feature Feb 27 1941-Mar 1 1941 Guelph, Wellington Hudson's Bay
Single Feature Dec 17 1941-Dec 19 1941 Guelph, Wellington I Wake Up Screaming
Single Feature Jan 9 1941-Jan 11 1941 Guelph, Wellington Let George Do It
Single Feature Feb 10 1941-Feb 12 1941 Guelph, Wellington Letter, The
Single Feature Jan 20 1941-Jan 21 1941 Guelph, Wellington Long Voyage Home, The
Single Feature Feb 6 1941-Feb 8 1941 Guelph, Wellington Love Thy Neighbour
Single Feature Feb 13 1941-Feb 15 1941 Guelph, Wellington Night Train to Munich
Single Feature Dec 13 1941-Dec 16 1941 Guelph, Wellington One Foot in Heaven
Variety Jan 23 1941-Jan 25 1941 Guelph, Wellington Pluto's Dream House, Thief of Bagdad, The
Single Feature Dec 20 1941-Dec 23 1941 Guelph, Wellington Rise and Shine
Single Feature Mar 3 1941-Mar 5 1941 Guelph, Wellington Second Chorus
Single Feature Dec 27 1941-Dec 31 1941 Guelph, Wellington Sergeant York
Single Feature Feb 3 1941-Feb 5 1941 Guelph, Wellington Seven Sinners
Single Feature Dec 24 1941-Dec 26 1941 Guelph, Wellington Suspicion
Single Feature Dec 6 1941-Dec 9 1941 Guelph, Wellington Texas
Single Feature Jan 13 1941-Jan 14 1941 Guelph, Wellington They Knew What They Wanted
Single Feature Dec 10 1941-Dec 12 1941 Guelph, Wellington Three Girls About Town
Single Feature Dec 4 1941-Dec 4 1941 Guelph, Wellington Unholy Partners
Single Feature Feb 17 1941-Feb 19 1941 Guelph, Wellington You'll Find Out

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