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Site Name: Palace Theatre
Location: Guelph, Ontario
County: Wellington
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


106 Macdonell St., Guelph

Films at Palace Theatre

Film Affiliated people Film Type # of events
Chocolate Soldier, The Saville, Victor, Eddy, Nelson, Bates, Florence, Gilmore, Dorothy, Stevens, Rise, Del Ruth, Roy, Lipson, Jack 'Tiny', Bruce, Nigel Feature 2
Appointment for Love Boyer, Charles, Sullivan, Margaret Feature 1
March of Time - Crisis in the Pacific Newsreel 1
Blues in the Night Field, Betty, Nolan, Lloyd, Osborne, Will, Lane, Priscilla, Lunceford, Jimmie Feature 1
Unexpected Uncle Feature 1
Gay Falcon, The Sanders, George, Barrie, Wendy Feature 1
Tarzan's Secret Treasure Weissmuller, Johnny, O'Sullivan, Maureen Feature 1
Look Who's Laughing McGee, Fibber, Bergen, Edgar, McGee, Molly Feature 1
Dumbo Feature 1
Keep 'Em Flying Bruce, Carol, Gargan, William, Abbott, Bud, Raye, Martha, de Paul, Gene, Lang, Charles, Costello, Lou, Raye, Don, Foran, Dick Feature 2
Louisiana Purchase Hope, Bob Feature 1

Events at Palace Theatre

Event Date Venue Location Film
Variety Dec 10 1941-Dec 12 1941 Guelph, Wellington Appointment for Love, March of Time - Crisis in the Pacific
Single Feature Dec 13 1941-Dec 16 1941 Guelph, Wellington Blues in the Night
Single Feature Dec 5 1941-Dec 9 1941 Guelph, Wellington Chocolate Soldier, The
Single Feature Dec 27 1941-Dec 30 1941 Guelph, Wellington Dumbo
Double Feature Dec 17 1941-Dec 19 1941 Guelph, Wellington Gay Falcon, The, Unexpected Uncle
Single Feature Dec 31 1941-Dec 31 1941 Guelph, Wellington Keep 'Em Flying
Single Feature Dec 24 1941-Dec 26 1941 Guelph, Wellington Look Who's Laughing
Single Feature Dec 31 1941-Jan 3 1942 Guelph, Wellington Louisiana Purchase
Single Feature Dec 20 1941-Dec 23 1941 Guelph, Wellington Tarzan's Secret Treasure

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