Palace Theatre

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Venue Type & Location

Theatre - Variety

Site Name: Palace Theatre
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
County: Wentworth
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


137 King Street East, Hamilton, ON

History of the Venue

Formerly Pantages

Films at Palace Theatre

Film Affiliated people Film Type # of events
Swanee River Feature 2
Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday Feature 1
Palace Mirror of World Events Newsreel 1
Arise, My Love Leisen, Mitchell, Colbert, Claudette, Abel, Walter, Purcell, Dick, Milland, Ray Feature 6
King For A Day Feature 1
Chocolate Soldier, The Lipson, Jack 'Tiny', Del Ruth, Roy, Stevens, Rise, Gilmore, Dorothy, Bates, Florence, Eddy, Nelson, Saville, Victor, Bruce, Nigel Feature 2
Father's Son Litel, John, Inescort, Frieda Feature 2
High Sierra Lupino, Ida, Bogart, Humphrey Feature 1
Great Mr. Nobody, The Leslie, Joan, Albert, Eddie 1
Western Union Scott, Randolph, Young, Robert, Gilmore, Virginia 1
Road to Zanzibar Crosby, Bing, Lamour, Dorothy, Hope, Bob Feature 2
Strawberry Blonde Cagney, James, de Havilland, Olivia Feature 1
Scotland Yard Loder, John, Kelly, Nancy Feature 2
Vivacious Lady Rogers, Ginger, Stewart, James Feature 2
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Raymond, Gene, Hitchcock, Alfred, Montgomery, Robert, Lombard, Carole Feature 1
Lone Wolf Takes a Chance, The Blore, Eric, Wilcoxon, Henry, Storey, Jane, William, Warren Feature 1
Little Nellie Kelly Murphy, George, Garland, Judy Feature 1
Tobacco Road Tracy, William, Tierney, Gene, Ford, John Feature 1
Hullabaloo Burke, Billie, Dailey Jr., Don, Morgan, Frank, Grey, Virginia Feature 2
All-American Coed Langford, Frances, Downs, Johnny, Woodsworth, Marjorie Feature 1
Our Wife Drew, Ellen, Douglas, Melvyn, Hussey, Ruth Feature 1
Smiling Ghost, The Morris, Wayne, Marshall, Brenda, Smith, Alexis Feature 1
Feminine Touch, The Ameche, Don, Heflin, Van, Russell, Rosalind, Francis, Kay Feature 1

Events at Palace Theatre

Event Date Venue Location Film
Double Feature Dec 1 1941-Dec 4 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth All-American Coed, Our Wife
Variety Jan 1 1941-Jan 7 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Arise, My Love, King For A Day, Palace Mirror of World Events
Double Feature Jan 7 1941-Jan 10 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Chocolate Soldier, The
Double Feature Apr 1 1941-Apr 3 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Father's Son, High Sierra
Double Feature Dec 5 1941-Dec 6 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Feminine Touch, The, Smiling Ghost, The
Double Feature Apr 4 1941-Apr 10 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Great Mr. Nobody, The, Western Union
Double Feature May 9 1941-May 10 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Hullabaloo, Tobacco Road
Double Feature Mar 1 1940-Mar 1 1940 Hamilton, Wentworth Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday, Swanee River
Double Feature May 2 1941-May 8 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Little Nellie Kelly, Lone Wolf Takes a Chance, The
Double Feature Apr 25 1941-May 1 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Vivacious Lady
Single Feature Apr 12 1941-Apr 12 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Road to Zanzibar
Single Feature Apr 14 1941-Apr 18 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Road to Zanzibar
Single Feature Apr 17 1941-Apr 24 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Scotland Yard
Single Feature Apr 17 1941-Apr 24 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Strawberry Blonde
Single Feature Apr 25 1941-May 1 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Vivacious Lady

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