Lyric Theatre

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Site Name: Lyric Theatre
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
County: Wentworth
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


12 Mary Street, Hamilton

Films at Lyric Theatre

Film Affiliated people Film Type # of events
Wuthering Heights Olivier, Laurence, Oberon, Merle Feature 2
Crimson Circle, The Duprez, June, Beery, Noah Feature 1
Universal News Newsreel 1
Torpedo Raider Feature 1

Events at Lyric Theatre

Event Date Venue Location Film
Double Feature Mar 1 1940-Mar 2 1940 Hamilton, Wentworth Crimson Circle, The, Universal News, Wuthering Heights
Single Feature Mar 3 1940-Mar 4 1940 Hamilton, Wentworth Torpedo Raider

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