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Site Name: Century Theatre
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
County: Wentworth
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


12 Mary Street, Hamilton

History of the Venue

formerly Lyric

Films at Century Theatre

Film Affiliated people Film Type # of events
Thief of Bagdad, The Sabu, , Morris, Mary, Duprez, June, Korda, Alexander, Justin, John, Veidt, Conrad, Ingram, Rex Feature 5
Spy in the Pantry Harrison, Rex, Verne, Karen Feature 1
Melody for Three Hersholt, Jean Feature 1
Phantom of Chinatown 1
Pot O' Gold Goddard, Paulette, Winniger, Charles, Heidt, Horace, Stewart, James Feature 2
Great Dictator, The Chaplin, Charles, Oakie, Jack, Goddard, Paulette Feature 2
War News ---, --- Newsreel 1
Citizen Kane Alland, William, Sloane, Everett, Moorehead, Agnes, Cotten, Joseph, Coulouris, George, Collins, Ray, Comingore, Dorothy, Sanford, Erskine, Stewart, Paul, Warrick, Ruth, Welles, Orson Feature 1
Nifty Nineties ---, --- Animated 1
March of Time - Norway in Revolt ---, --- Newsreel 1
Birth of the Blues Lee, Carolyn, Martin, Mary, Donlevy, Brian, Crosby, Bing, Teagarden, Jack, Anderson, Eddie 'Rochester' Feature 1
At the Stroke of Twelve ---, --- Feature 1

Events at Century Theatre

Event Date Venue Location Film
Double Feature Dec 4 1941-Dec 6 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth At the Stroke of Twelve, Birth of the Blues, March of Time - Norway in Revolt
Single Feature Dec 1 1941-Dec 3 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Citizen Kane, Nifty Nineties, War News
Single Feature Apr 24 1941-May 14 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Great Dictator, The
Single Feature Apr 1 1941-Apr 5 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Melody for Three
Single Feature Apr 7 1941-Apr 12 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Phantom of Chinatown
Single Feature Apr 12 1941-Apr 22 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Pot O' Gold
Single Feature Apr 1 1941-Apr 5 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Spy in the Pantry
Single Feature Jan 2 1941-Jan 7 1941 Hamilton, Wentworth Thief of Bagdad, The

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